Cool cuban nights pedicure $45.00

Inspired by the owner’s favorite cocktail “Magito”, the cool cuban nights pedicure is a cuban treat for thirsty feet. It intoxicates is a senses with real mint leaves, lemon, green tea and a lengthy massage.
The experience is sure to awaken you from doldrums of winter, rescue rugged skin, nails and launch them into the brighter day of summer.

– Soak feet in a warm bath infused with fresh mint leaves tea (killing all odors and bacteria caused by sweat), lemon bath salt, and lemon juice.
– Shape nails, push back, condition the cuticles.
– Cleanse and exfoliate feet with honey super scrub (contain aloe vera & tangerine oil)
– Cocoon feet with a fresh, cooling peppermint mask, warm towels wrap up the knee.
– Massage legs and feet with top of the line cuccio natural citrus herb butter bend.
– Wipe off the nail beds and finish with nail strengthener or polish.

Spa manicure $13.00
Orange manicure $20.00
Deluxe manicure $25.00
Spa pedicure $25.00
Empress pedicure $30.00
Deluxe pedicure $40.00
Cuccio pedicure $45.00
Mini Pedi & Mani(kids under 12 yrs.) $30.00
Pedicure & Manicure $40.00

Escape’s chocolate cappuccino grandma’s milk and honey coolie Pedi & Mani.
Indulge yourself this winter with our new line. filling dry and cold? Experience a world class pedicure while you sip on some delicious hot chocolate. Introducing for the first time the bella lucce’ chocolate moisturizing syrup. OPI products mani/pedi scrub cappucino massage (or cuccio natural milk & honey signature services enhancement kit-soak ball, exfoliating sea salt , body butter blend.)
– Soak the client’s feet in foot bath with warm water and ella lucce’ chocolate moisturizing syrup (or soak ball)
– Shape nails, push back, condition the cuticles, gently soften and calloused areas.
– Apply OPI products espresso scrub for mild exfoliation (milk & honey sea sal)
– Wrap hot towels and mask, massage feet with OPI products massage (or milk & honey butter blend.) and hot stone.
– Paraffin deep treatment
– Apply polish and top coat.